As I was naturally screaming the lyrics to “The Road,” lead singer Juliette Jackson serenaded the inspiring words to the responsive crowd. I suddenly realized it had been three years since I interviewed The Big Moon at Blue Shell. It was a funny feeling seeing them again. It’s similar to the feeling you get when you see a baby when they were born, then you reunite after a few years, and they are running around the room screaming nonsense. Then you think to yourself: “Damn, I’m getting old or this baby is superhuman and is growing faster than my maturity.” Ok, I’m not comparing The Big Moon to the baby. My reunion with them was that unsettling feeling of time passing by somewhat quickly these days.

“Cause I don’t know why people can change
I know I’m not the same
And heaven help me, now I’ve got no good reason to stay
I know I’m not the same”
-The Road by The Big Moon

I feel like I’ve been growing up with The Big Moon, even though I’ve only been a fan since 2015. I guess that’s still a long time considering it’s already 2020. The four women seemed very confident, their music felt more mature, and their sound was super tight. More instruments were brought along for the ride, and they were multi-tasking like a bunch of professionals. With the cinematic glimmer of their new album, Walking Like We Do, they shared unique strengths with their fans. The vocals felt sharper and clearer from all four members. Drummer Fern Ford intertwined different samples and creative percussion patterns. And Celia, Soph, and Juliette interchanged guitars and bass multiple times during their set. Old and new songs alike, they brought the heat and got the crowd jumping around.

“Lately I’ve been fine, floating away
Got so out of touch, I started to levitate”
-Your Light by The Big Moon

For their final song, they ended with my favorite banger off the new album, “Your Light.” The lyrics still haunt my mind…

“But days like this (Days like this)
I forget (I forget)
My darkness (My darkness)
And remember your light.”
-Your Light by The Big Moon

Again, they brought me back to that omnipresent feeling of time slipping away. Then the backing vocals shimmered through the song: “Didn’t wanna lose myself (Wanna lose) Myself (Wanna lose), myself.” These words echoed in my mind as reality sunk in. This album did that a lot. It reminds you that you’re not alone in this shitty version of earth. The different tracks from Walking Like We Do eloquently sing you words that help you make sense of it all.

It’s safe to say that the tight-knit quartet is back with a crisp set, more instruments, and the perfect amount of stage banter for their Walking Like We Do tour. Grab tickets if they hit your city!

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