To all of the self-isolating peeps out there,

During a time of social distancing, I have escaped to the world of playlist engineering in hopes of connecting with myself and with all of you beautiful internet people.

I’ve been so busy creating sets for my dublab radio show and DJ gigs that I’ve forgotten about my first love for playlist curation. Perhaps it was a wakeup call after binge-watching the new Hulu series, High Fidelity. This remake of the 2000 film stars mega-babe Zoë Kravitz, who is the selfish record shop owner, “Rob”, trying to figure out why her top five breakups happened the way they did. Themed with self-pity and laced with an impeccable soundtrack, it was an easy watch during days like these.

The show convinced me to make a playlist because of the relatable opening scene of the second episode. Rob describes the “art and science” behind playlist curations. She describes this particular practice as “using others’ poetry to say what you feel.”

This playlist is a love letter to the other self-isolating peeps out there. Let loose to these tracks and soak in all of the feelings that you’re having about these uncertain times. It’s important to talk openly during social distancing because it will keep you connected and in solidarity with the rest of the world. I encourage you to get lost in the music you’ve been meaning to listen to and feel all of the feels in the coming days.

Stay healthy out there, check on your loved ones and others‘ loved ones, and please listen to health organizations, such as the WHO, when they tell us to social distance ourselves! Happy listening.

Much love,
Sav x