Good News, denn heute kündigen Protomartyr ihr fünftes Album Ultimate Success Today an, das am 29. Mai via Domino erscheint. Zusammen mit dem heutigen Annoucement stellt die Band das Video zu ihrer ersten Single Processed By The Boys vor und teilt diverse Europa-Tourdaten mit u.a. Berlin (zweimal) , Groningen und Brüssel vom 2.-5. Mai 2020.

Sänger Joe Casey gibt einen kurzen Ausblick, auf was wir uns musikalisch und inhaltlich einstellen können:

„The re-release of our first album had me thinking about the passage of time and its ultimate conclusion. Listening to No Passion All Technique again, I could hear myself hoping for an introduction and a long future, but also being cognizant that it could be ‘one and done’ for us. So, when it came time to write Ultimate Success Today, I was reminded of that first urgency and how it was an inverse of my current grapple with how terribly ill I’ve been feeling lately. Was that sick feeling colouring how I felt about the state of the world or was it the other way around? This panic was freeing in a way. It allowed me to see our fifth album as a possible valediction of some confusingly loud five-act play. In the same light I see it as an interesting mile marker of our first decade of being a band – a crest of the hill along a long highway. Although just to cover my bases, I made sure to get my last words in while I still had the breath to say them.”

Das Video entstand in einer Zusammenarbeit von David Allen & Nathan Faustyn sowie HLPTV & LooseMeat.Biz, basierend auf einem bizarren brasilianischen Fernsehclip, in den sich die Band verliebt hat.

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