Is everything feeling pretty dope today? Or are you going through one of those days where everything isn’t working out? Lucky for you, Princess Nokia dropped two amazing albums for when your mood/life feels like one big paradox. Princess Nokia is notorious for dropping music that’s quite contradicting, so it’s only natural that they have released Everything Is Beautiful and Everything Sucks. The New York-born, Puerto Rican rapper thrives through authenticity. With the power of movements needing a voice, Princess Nokia grabs the mic to fill the void with rigorous, raw, and real honesty in the form of razor-sharp rap. They are a queer Black indigenous Puerto Rican who is not ashamed of who they are or what they want to say – a powerful voice that our current culture needs.

Destiny Frasqueri is a gender-nonconforming artist (who uses both she and they pronouns), an up-and-coming actor, an urban feminist, a podcaster, and a poet. In a recent interview with, Princess Nokia says that nothing they are into is cohesive. They continue to say, “So I said to myself: You know what? What would be better than to just make two records? I’m already such a paradox. Let’s embrace that. Let’s celebrate that.”

It’s as if everything that led up to these two releases has a place on both albums. Fans of classic Princess Nokia anthems will be stoked with many of the tracks on Everything Sucks, and lovers of A Girl Cried Red will definitely discover new songs on both albums that will steal their hearts. Everything Is Beautiful connects with a person’s self-confidence through smooth hip-hop beats that speak to one’s soul. Everything Sucks transitions into rap-metal, circus-like tracks where listeners can let loose to Princess Nokia’s empowering lyrics. Even though the albums contradict each other, Princess Nokia is still able to connect the two albums with an unashamed essence that they are known and praised for.

Not only is Princess Nokia’s music life-changing for a lot of people, so are their live shows. They strive to create a safe space for people to come and be their most authentic selves. They want to connect with their fans on a deeper level through their love for rave culture, hippie culture, and cyber-goth culture. Therefore, you can only expect an unforgettable live performance from Princess Nokia.

Want to experience this for yourself? Then grab tickets for Princess Nokia’s upcoming show in Cologne. I will be in the mosh pit this Saturday at Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld – and you should be too! Only a limited amount of tickets are left, so grab yours now.

Princess Nokia Germany tour dates:

14.03.2020 – Cologne, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

Based on the current travel ban between the US and Europe, Princess Nokia will not be playing as scheduled on 14 March. The safety of artists, fans and staff is our top priority and we will continue to monitor things closely. We are working hard to find a new date for Princess Nokia – your ticket will be valid for the new date. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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