Everyone’s favorite punk witches are back with an anthem that most people can relate to these days: being ghosted by your crush.

“The song is a tribute to the gut-wrenching feeling of checking your phone every 5 minutes to see if your crush has replied.” –Dream Nails

‘Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)’ is Dream Nails’ first studio release from their anticipated self-titled LP, yet their DIY sound still shines throughout the single. This solid punk tune is somewhat therapy for those two blue ticks that still haunt you every time your phone buzzes.

It’s jam-packed with crisp guitar riffs from Anya, a hypnotizing bassline from Mimi, punchy and unique drumming from Lucy, and powerful vocals from Janey. Together, these four punk goddesses are taking over the world with their inspiring music.

Dream Nails

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for their debut album that will be released on April 23 with Alcopop! Records. They are demanding space for womxn and non-binary people in the punk scene and making music that “unapologetically mixes political content with pop-punk joy.” They are a band everyone should support, so head to their Bandcamp and BUY this banging track, purchase their amazing merch, or head to one of their shows when they hit your city!

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