Savannah: Nice!

Jilian: Yeah I loveeeee that pedal.

Savannah: On the last track of Crush Crusher, “Your Arms Are Water”, I love the bit when it breaks up at the end. I know that a lot of your songs and lyrics represent different feelings and moments in your life. Did that breakdown bit in the song represent anything? Or did it just kind of happen?

Jilian: While writing and making this record, that song was heavy on my mind because I was going through exactly what that song is about. Whereas some songs are written from months ago or from here and there. While in the studio, it was something that was happening so it was very much going with a gut feeling while playing the part. We didn’t even plan on playing that ending bit as long as it’s been played, but as we were in the studio together we were like, “Don’t end it yet, just keep going.” So that was an “in the moment” type thing and very prevalent. I was dating someone who was absolutely drowning in their nonsense. It was definitely very intense to be writing and playing that song, that’s why it feels best ending on that note.

Savannah: Sometimes different guitar parts from indie songs will trigger a memory in my head, and when I listen to the guitar in this song it does that for me. Especially in the long breakdown bit at the end of the song, so many things flooded in my mind.

Jilian: Yeah that happens to me too, especially with the guitar. Do you play guitar?

Savannah: No, I just really like it hehe.

Jilian: Yeah, I totally agree! It’s like sensory overload all of a sudden and it throws you back to something. Yeah, I’ve had that before.

Savannah: Lyrically, where do you grab inspiration from?

Jilian: I grab inspiration from conversations I have with people and even from day to day things that I’m doing. Sometimes I look back on my day and will find something that resonated with me. I remember a friend of mine being like, “What do you do to make yourself feel good every day?” And I remember telling them, “Well today, I didn’t like this piece of my hair that was hanging in front of my eyes, so I just cut it off.” And immediately after I did that, it altered my mood. It’s things like that I know will reshape the day and turn something around. I pull from those little moments that I have and having those moments with other people too.

I’m also really trying to make something personable and relatable in a sense. It’s sometimes hard with my lyrics because I just feel like I’m always so in my head all the time with every interaction and every person I meet. So I am always really specific in the way I write lyrics and specific to what I’m going through. But when people tell me that they connect with something, it’s like okay this isn’t just a ‘me’ thing. And that’s really humbling to know that people are like me and that I’m not an alien! It’s humbling to know that I’m not a complete disaster as a person. Giving a listener and myself a glimpse into my own feelings is what I try to do. To have some sort of resolution with myself through songwriting.

Ian Sweet is heading back to Germany in April with the ever so lovely Frankie Cosmos. Be sure to head down to their show to enter Jilian’s little world she is happy to share with everyone.

09.04.2019 – Berlin, Musik & Frieden
10.04.2019 – Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof

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