Once upon a time, in a little world created by Ian Sweet, there was a land where the album Crush Crusher conquered all. Dominated by individual textures, tints of orange and red, honest songwriting, and dreamy sounds, Jilian Medford (bandleader) built a world where she could find truth within herself.

The tracks are decorated with distortion, heaviness, and lots of guitars, but in the midst of it all, you can still hear all the bits and pieces of each thing. Diving deep into her personal life, Jilian focuses this album on her honest lyrics and standout vocals. Her voice is soft with a breathy delivery that coincides perfectly with the colorful guitar textures. Flowing naturally from one track to the next, Crush Crusher is an enchanting album layered with candor and authenticity.

Hosted by Popanz on January 29, Ian Sweet played a lovely show at Bumann & Sohn. The night was also graced with the amazing Doris, a solo project by Andreya from Gurr. Before the gig, I hung out with Jilian and got a cute insider view on her little world.

Savannah: I guess we could start with your new music video that just came out, Holographic Jesus, I’m really into it! Where did the idea come from?

Jilian: Wow, thank you! My partner is a 3-D animator so he made the video with some of our ideas. We were just discussing some visuals surrounding the idea of everyday activities that I use with my hands and my wrists, and how we can incorporate all of those things together to make them a little more abstract. Particularly my wrist because there’s a lyric in the song about the sun being on my wrist and feeling like a brand new person.

“The sun on my wrist, on my wrist
It’s never felt like this
The sun on my wrist, on my wrist
It’s never felt like this”

So I recently got back into playing tennis, I played in high school but now I’m back on the court! My bandmate, Myles, and I are super into it. There’s lots of tennis imagery in the video using the racket; there are also floating guitars and donut shaped things. It’s very strange and visceral but it’s like entering a dream.

Also, the concept of “Holographic Jesus” is based around these trippy posters I collected when I lived in New York that were actual holographic Jesuses, then you’d turn it and there would be Mary. The video is playing off of what you see and what you don’t see; from one angle to the next.

Savannah: So I read in another interview that this album allowed you to create your own world. I can, of course, hear it when I listen to the album, but what’s going on in your head in this world of yours? The picture that you see when the music plays and you’re lost in it?

Jilian: So I decided to move back home to LA and make this record because when I was living in New York, it was incredibly cluttered with ideas, relationships, and things that didn’t allow me to have a clear head. So when I moved back, it was a blank slate territory and I just wanted to build a healthy space for myself, physically but also mentally. I was making room in my mind for things that just felt good.

In this record, orange and red are really present in all of the music videos and the album artwork. I kept feeling those colors when I was writing, so that’s really present in my head through the whole process. Even textures, you can see on the cover and in the videos that there’s a foam texture present. It all seems small and strange, but there’s something about having an object be something more than just an object. With the record cover and the music video, we built a set around the ideal little world to live in. And a lot of it are cardboard facades but then we would glue foam pieces to them or texturized them in different ways to like play with space.

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