Touring their latest album 7, Beach House visually embodied their Lemon Glow-lyric: “candy-coloured mystery, the colour of your mind.” For the entirety of the show, the duo were silhouettes shrouded in mystery. Back-lit, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally were figures against a glowing background–merely facades obscured in the shadows. Effectively, this drew the audience straight into the kaleidoscopic music that was paired with the luminous display.

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Clad in a black nylon suit, Legrand possessed a command of the stage, despite the chosen anonymity. Acknowledging the band’s covert appearance, someone in the crowd shouted, “show your face!” To which, she responded, “you show yours – it’s my right to do whatever I want with my face.”

At Berlin’s Huxleys Neue Welt, the Baltimore-duo played a gratifying mix of old favorites (Lazuli, 10 Mile Stereo, Space Song, Myth, the list goes on) and new, standouts from their seventh album (Pay No Mind, L’Inconnue, Girl of The Year, Drunk in LA, and more). It was a dreamy night that explored the best of Beach House, past and present.

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