It has officially been over one week since I returned from the magical land of Ferropolis, and I find myself craving the dreamy weekend as I listen back to all of the fantastic artists and DJs that I got to see live at Melt Festival. After going to so many festivals over the years, this is by far the best festival grounds to check out talented musicians. The different stages are close enough to each other so that you can bop around to catch all of the sets you want to see, and simultaneously the different stages create their own little worlds for your dancing soul to get lost in. My friends and I kept calling it a Disneyland for adults because there was always something to look at or something to do. My favorite stage of the weekend was definitely Melt Selektor because it was right on the lake’s beach, and the different genres of music played here was the perfect soundtrack to my beautiful festival experience.

Photo: Melt Selektor Stage by Woodywoodsn

Photo: Melt Selektor Stage by Savannah Eisert

Photo: Gremminer Lake at the Melt Selektor Stage by Savannah Eisert

Photo: Melt Selektor Stage by Savannah Eisert

Another highlight of Melt Festival was the curated stages. Melt did a fantastic job by letting DJs and online music platforms curate stages for each day. For example, The Black Madonna curated The Big Wheel stage on Sunday and showcased four very talented female DJs: Tijana T, Or:la, Honey Dijon, and The Black Madonna. The Big Wheel was my favorite place to be on Sunday because these influential female DJs indeed killed it on all spectrums. Modeselektor curated the Melt Selektor stage all weekend, and Resident Advisor curated the Sleepless Floor on Friday. By putting the power into the hands of well-respected artists and music communities, festival-goers were able to check out more underground artists that they grew to love by the end of the weekend. I think this is very important in a successful music festival because it gives people the opportunity to not only experience the festival with the music they came there for but to also discover new talents they might not have the chance to see live again.

Photo: The Big Wheel Stage by Woodywoodsn

Photo: Sleepless Floor by Stephan Flad
Photo: Sleepless Floor by Stephan Flad

Photo: The Big Wheel Stage by Savannah Eisert

Photo: The Big Wheel Stage by Savannah Eisert

Photo: The Big Wheel Stage by Savannah Eisert

Photo: The Big Wheel Stage by Savannah Eisert

Photo: The Big Wheel Stage by Savannah Eisert

Melt Festival was a weekend overflowing with musical talent. If I had to narrow it down to five of my favorite performances, these would be my picks (not ranked in any order).

As the sun turned the blue sky to warm, pastel colors, Mount Kimbie came onto stage with a roar as tunes from their latest album, Love What Survives, filled the air. As their songs became the soundtrack to my Friday evening, I sat on the lake’s sandy beach while the soft breeze grazed my sunburnt face. I was surrounded by some of my closest friends, a spirited crowd and probably the coolest festival grounds I’ve ever experienced. Not only was the mood perfect for the songs Mount Kimbie played, but their chemistry and creativity on stage was brilliant. Their Before I Move Off music video played behind them as the catchy beats got the crowd moving, the beautiful tones of Marilyn spread across the entire lake, and Blue Train Lines filled the young, night sky as their set came to a close. Having also seen them back in November 2017 in Cologne, they are still in my top three favorite live acts over the past year.

Photo: Mount Kimbie by Woodywoodsn

Jon Hopkin’s live set felt and sounded like a massive wave of sounds crashing onto the excited crowd. The grandiosity of it all made it feel like a techno opera with jaw-dropping visuals that guided you to another world. His emotionally charged techno made you wonder which way was up and which way was down. As he perfectly blended his past two albums into his set, I couldn’t help but love the insane moment when the lights erupted all around me as he started playing Emerald Rush (off of his latest album, Singularity). He is definitely an act you do not want to miss this year.

Photo: Jon Hopkins on the Melt Stage by Stephan Flad

Even though her set time was moved, so there weren’t many people there, it gave me and my friends loads of room to dance to the New York rapper’s unreal tunes. Her powerful music was filling in the empty spaces as her passion and intensity brightened up the midnight set. She raps about self-love and empowerment while her DJ drops catchy beats that could have you dancing through the night.

Photo: Junglepussy on Melt Selektor Stage by Stephan Flad

For having an early evening set under the blistering sun on day three, Or:la brought the energy and right tunes to keep the Melt trippers going for the last day. It was as if she knew exactly what everyone wanted to hear as the high temperatures kissed our dusty skin. Every mix made it hard to leave as the breakbeats had me and my friends endlessly dancing at The Big Wheel stage. I was quite impressed on how well she read the tired, Sunday crowd but somehow still had us wanting more. Back in March, I saw her do a B2B with Mall Grab at DGTL Amsterdam where she blew me away. It’s safe to say, I still grasped these same feelings under Melt’s hot sun.

Photo: Or:la playing The Big Wheel Stage by Savannah Eisert

If you haven’t checked out this talented, Russian producer yet, you’re missing out. I’ve been following her for roughly a year now, so boy was I happy to see her live finally. With a pounding 90s techno and jungle influenced sound, her electronic pop tunes embrace authenticity and capture Moscow’s underground electronic scene. Her hard beats and angelic voice fit perfectly with the setting at the Superdry Stage as the lights glowed amongst the crowd. You could tell she was so grateful to be playing the festival as she put her heart and soul into each song.

Photo: Superdry Stage by Stephan Flad


DJ Seinfeld – As the early morning hours crept upon us, my friends and I made one last stop at the Sleepless Stage. Killing it from the moment we stepped onto the sand, DJ Seinfeld had my tired body dancing until the sun came up. My favorite moment during his set was when he mixed Tessela’s Hackney Parrot – 10_Ton_Mix into Lanark Artefax’s Touch Absence as the lights around me flashed a dark green, and the smoke machine filled the empty spaces. Be sure to check out his latest EP, Sakura, which was released on Or:la’s label, Deep Sea Frequency.


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Tyler, The Creator – Tyler has really grown as an artist over the past years, and it really showed when he took over the Melt Main Stage. The whole crowd was vibing to each tune, and his bold yet straightforward stage presence really brought the entire set together.

Photo: Tyler, The Creator on the Melt Main Stage by Stephen Flad

Kali Uchis – Her latino Amy Winehouse vibes was the perfect way to start the weekend at Melt Festival.

Photo: Kali Uchis on the Melt Selektor Stage by Stephan Flad

IAMDBB – Her stage banter, genuine passion for her music, and gratefulness for the fans made it a very special set.

Photo: IAMDBB on the Melt Selektor Stage by Steve Klemm

Fatima Yamaha – Another lovely sunset set on the Melt Selektor Stage.

Photo: Fatima Yamaha on the Melt Selektor Stage by Steve Klemm

The more people I talk to, the more I hear that this year’s Melt Festival has been the best one in a while. Whether I was melting in my hot tent at the South Campsite, dancing under the trees at the Forest Stage or swimming in the refreshing Gremminer Lake, the positive vibes surrounding me during my first Melt Festival experience will be a feeling I will never forget. Check out more photos below for some true Melt vibes.

Photo: Melt Main Stage by Savannah Eisert

Photo: South Campsite by Savannah Eisert

Photo: South Campsite by Savannah Eisert

Photo: Gremminer Lake by Stephan Flad

Photo: Forest Stage by Woodywoodsn

Photo: South Campsite by Savannah Eisert

Photo: Melt Campsite by Savannah Eisert

Photo: Ferropolis by Savannah Eisert

Photo: Melt Selektor Stage by Stephan Flad

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