Suddenly, the sun was beaming through my large apartment windows, the blue sky wrapped it’s arms around the city of Cologne, and the sound of my favorite band’s second album was blasting through my speakers. Now if this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.

The moment I pressed played to Hinds’ new album, I Don’t Run, goosebumps spread across my body, and the biggest grin was glued to my face. I was flailing around the apartment, booty shaking and jumping around to all of the new tunes. I couldn’t get enough. Each track seamlessly showcases how much they’ve grown, and the album as a whole still embodies their fun, raw and carefree sound they are known and loved for.

“On their new album, I Don’t Run, the Spanish garage rock crew embraces vulnerability without losing their cool.”
Fader interview with Hinds
Hinds‘ raw sound is created by their carefree attitude and the desire to make some fun garage rock. With the release of I Don’t Run, musically, they sound more tight than ever. In an interview with Fader, guitarist and lead singer Ana Perrote says that their first album, Leave Me Alone, “reflected who we were in the moment — all the madness that was happening.” Clearly growing from their last album, Perrote says that “this second one reflects us, right now, having more time to think about how we want to sound. And we actually have the tools and the time to do it.” Lyrically, they do not hold back from vulnerable feelings that they sing in a much clearer way on this album. Carlotta Cosials, guitarist and other lead singer, explains in the same Fader interview that “it’s harder because there are feelings that you don’t want to have, but you have them. For the first time, I [asked], life versus art— who wins? Should I risk suffering in my life by speaking of this? We took the path of yes.”

“The satisfaction of the inundation
When you ring my bell
And I wanna be ready for your hell.”

Linda by Hinds
Linda was for sure my favorite track the first time I listened to the album. This song hits your ear drums in a subtle and sweet way; it all around shows the beauty you can find behind the classic Hinds sound. Even though it is a song about heartbreak, they created a vulnerable sound that strips any barrier they had before. You can feel the passion behind this song, making it a beautiful kind of heartbreak.

“Should I’ve known before you were also banging her?
Tester by Hinds
After replaying the album a few times, Tester is definitely my other favorite. Musically, it really shows how much their sound has grown since their first album, Leave Me Alone. They showcase different techniques that they’ve clearly mastered in this album. Live, it will definitely be the next banger that will have the entire crowd dancing until they can’t breathe anymore.

You can tell they have passionately poured their heart and souls into this album, and I was lucky enough to feel this passion live in Manchester.

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“We love guitar solos because you’re speaking a language that everyone understands.”
Carlotta Cosials, Fader interview
Hinds is the kind of band where you want to sing along to all of their witty guitar riffs and catchy bass lines. Last night, I saw the kweenz live in Manchester and I was melting in the mosh pit (literally and figuratively). The other sweaty fans were singing the lyrics to their classic songs, and singing along to their signature guitar riffs. This is something I love about Hinds. Since they are an international band, they create a sound that is understandable to everyone around the world. And now on this second album, they have grown into a band where the lyrics also really count.

Hinds is making their way to Germany very soon! They will be playing in Hamburg and Berlin, so be sure to grab a ticket fast because I’m sure it will sell out.

26.04.2018 – Hamburg, Molotow
267.04.2018 – Berlin, Bi Nuu

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