Have a case of winter blues and feel like getting out? Well, you’re in luck; Come shake away those chilly vibes at Bumann & Sohn with us this Thursday! Presented by Flattr, locals artists, musicians and DJs of Cologne are coming together for a FREE night of music, art and celebration.

Ever since moving to Cologne, it has been a place where I can truly call home even though I have only lived here for two years. This city has a magical sense of community and welcomes everyone with open arms. It is a place where I get to connect with all types of people — whether they are musicians, designers, event coordinators, bartenders, DJs, etc. Concerts, Exhibitions & Party is the perfect opportunity to see some really dope Cologne artists, musicians and DJs come together for an exciting night showcasing all of their amazing talent.

Headlining the night is Keshavara. Keshav Purushotham, aka Lil Walter, is a Cologne-based musician who combines his cultural roots, Pop and Hip Hop into his self-titled debut album. His cosmic beats are relaxed yet have your booty bumping just enough to bop around to his electro-pop tunes.

The dublab DJ team will also be joining the night! dublab.com is an online radio station founded in Los Angeles in 1999 that is dedicated to the growth of music, arts and culture. The German branch, dublab.de, is based out of Nippes, Cologne and has a specialty to showcase a variety of music coming from Germany and around — past, present and future. They explore exciting music off the beaten path, take pride in featuring a genre bending music policy, and partner with likeminded record shops, labels and festivals.

There will also be a conceptualized group exhibition created for this very event! The artists will portray the topic of interconnectedness placed in a sociocultural and social-media related context. The exhibition consists of sound installations and linocut by Elisa Kühnl (Institut für Musik & Medien, Düsseldorf), a video installation by Kihuun Park (Kunsthochschule für Medien, Köln) and oil paintings on canvas by Mia Lavender (KHM, Köln).

Be sure to clear your schedule and come down to Bumann & Sohn on Thursday for this special night! There will even be a secret act playing, so be sure to get to Bumann on time to find out who it is. Thanks to the guys at Popanz and Flattr for organizing such a stellar night <3 See you there!

Keshavara / Facebook / Soundcloud / Instagram

dublab.de / Facebook / Mixcloud / Instagram