The bright, autumn Monday morning shines upon my lazy face as my alarm clock loudly buzzes beneath my warm pillow. The long Karneval weekend did a doing to my body, but the sound of Girl Ray pulls me out of the haziness as Monday’s reality slaps me in the face.

But the truth of it all
Is you’ll be okay (oh Monday)
You’ll be okay soon (oh Tuesday)
It’s just something that I’ve gotta do (oh Wednesday)
It’ll be okay soon (oh Thursday)
It’s just something that I’ve got to do
-Monday Tuesday by Girl Ray

It’s a lazy Saturday morning, and maybe you’re with that special someone all snuggled up in bed, or cuddled with friends sitting in the living room conversing about the crazy Friday night you just had. You head over to the kitchen with your roommate to whip up a delicious breakfast, and try to decide which tune will be the perfect soundtrack to the sound of the sizzling eggs. The earnest and bubbly beat of Just Like That sweetly harmonizes with the smell of the baked beans and hot tea as Poppy Hankins breathy voice whispers honest lyrics and emotions.

I need something good
Now that you’ve gone away
-Just Like That by Girl Ray

The sun is shining upon the damp grass while my slightly broken bike makes its way along the windy dirt path of the vast park. The wind frizzes up my hair, but the sound of the beach, mellowed-out-psych-rock track, Don’t Go Back at Ten, adds that extra charm to my lovely bike ride through Grüngürtel. Not to mention, the iconic music video allows me to thrive in my bedroom as I sway back and forth to the catchy chorus.

I know it won’t be long
Until we’re away
We’d like all the same things
A trip to LA
And you’d say that this was a perception of my day
That’s fine
-Don’t Go Back at Ten by Girl Ray

Girl Ray’s genuine, natural and unforced lyrics bring me to life whilst their ear worm melodies and delicate yet twisty estrogen pop sounds surround me with a familiar warmth. Each song co-exists as its own, rather than the entire album representing a full body of work. Their debut album, Earl Grey, executes simplicity so well that they create an out-of-time sound that is their own. Clash Mag perfectly describes Girl Ray: “Everything about Girl Ray feels natural and unforced. Live, the band’s ramshackle appeal has a rich sense of fun, while their songwriting dwells in bittersweet fashion on some profoundly personal elements. They simply reflect the world, and their feelings, as they stumble across it.”

Tomorrow, Girl Ray is gracing Cologne with an intimate show at Bumann and Sohn thanks to the lovely organizers of Popanz and Puschen! Head on down early to catch Fake Laugh for a some sunny tunes as well. See you there!

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