Imagine you’re watching David Lynch’sLost Highway,“ but instead you’re behind the handles of an old Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You’re driving down a dark, winding highway – with only the single headlight guiding the way – and the sound of L.A. Witch’s dreamy gothic take on garage rock muffles out of your old radio. The smell of stale beer lingers on your leather jacket, and the hazy full moon leads you down a road to hell.

lost highway by david lynch

„We are a spider eating other baby spiders in a cave deep in the forest and there is a motorcycle driving off in the distance.“
-L.A. Witch’s description of their sound, Faake Hipster Interview

L.A. Witch by Nylon
Photo: Nylon Magazine

The talented ladies of L.A. Witch cast a spell at Burger Invasion Cologne with their „genre-melding magic,“ sharp sound and heavy tracks that took us on a spell-binding ride. The reverb loving women of L.A. Witch pull inspiration from bands like Black Sabbath, the Gun Club, Joy Division and the Cramps, creating a unique sound that shines through the familiar inspiration. Not only does their unique sound stem from heavy reverb, but you can feel their connection intertwining through each track, when they play on stage and when I chatted to them in person. The three vibe off of each other so naturally – fitting hand in hand with the raw, natural emotions that they strive to show their listeners.

Savannah: Congrats on the new album! How does it feel to have it out in the world?

Ellie (drummer): Feels kind of crazy because it’s been a long time because we have recorded it a few times. So now that it’s actually done and actually out, it’s like “Oh wow, alright.”

Savannah: A few of these songs have been out for a while, so it must be so nice to have all your hard work collected on your album! What have been your best memories while making this album?

Sade (guitarist & lead vocals): I don’t know, it’s kind of hard to say because it was kind of a tedious and long process for us because it was our first album. It wasn’t our first time recording but it was a new way of recording because it wasn’t two or three songs – it was a whole nine songs and within a short time. So it was a lot of work and I mean it was cool because it was definitely a learning process and now we know what to expect for the next album. So I guess as far as good memories, I would say that at least we learned about recording.

Savannah: I read in another article that you chose the name L.A. Witch because ‘witch’ represents an image of a powerful woman. If you had to pick one song on the new album that is a bit of a spell-binding with hex, which would it be?

Sade: I would say “Kill My Baby” because it’s kind of like a romantic and also deadly song. I don’t know if those would be the words. But you know what I mean, kind of like a love story but it’s also like “I’m going to fucking kill you.”

Savannah: What are each of your favorite pieces of gear?

Sade: I really love my Vox Viper – it’s got built-in effects. It’s like a 60s guitar but I didn’t bring it on this tour. I recently got a Fender Jazzmaster– it’s really cool. I love the reverb effect. I prefer the reverb inside an amplifier as opposed from a pedal. But I love different pedals. My favorite pedal that I use is probably the Echopark pedal. It is a bit delayed and you have so many options for different types and tones of delays. Also my Super Feedbacker Distortion pedal – it’s also really cool. It’s a DF-2 and it’s cool because you can get feedback by smashing the pedal, you keep your foot on the pedal and the feedback grows, which is really fucking cool. I got it for like 30 bucks at this used vintage store.

Ellie: I have a Pork Pie snare that has a eucalyptus finish on it. I have like five snares, and I don’t really have a favorite but I really like how this one looks the best.

Irita (bassist): Well, I have this vintage amppeg B-100 amp that is really small and was one of my first amps. I bought all of these vintage amps because they were cheaper when we first started, but then they weren’t grounded so they would shock me all of the time. I think this amp almost killed me, and that’s why I feel attached to it. Other than that, it’s great. I fixed him now!

Savannah: You get compared to having a 60s sound throughout your tracks. If you could be in a band from that era, which would you choose?

L.A. Witch (all): The Stooges.

Savannah: I read in another article that you said “It doesn’t feel like you’re just money to them. It feels like you’re building a community and friends and artists.” (Ellie quoted from MAT Magazine talking about Europe) Have you found a community in Europe that you enjoy being a part of?

Sade: It’s hard to say because there are so many people scattered – so many groups and things. It’s cool because the more we come, the closer we get with these people – like they want to come out to shows and we get to see them again. Even previous promoters that hosted us that we bonded with, or fans that we met and partied with after the show – we see them again. So I think it’s still a community that we are still building, but it’s really cool though.

L.A. Witch Burger Invasion Cologne

L.A. Witch Burger Invasion

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