Reeperbahn Festival Day One – Francobollo

Walking down the fluorescent lit sidewalk as drunk people walked past with plastic cups full of vibrant cocktails or cheap beer, I was on the famous Reeperbahn street heading toward my first set of the festival. Last night’s venue was Molotow — an amazing club with several floors, a backyard area and different rooms filled with an array of music to dance to.

The first band I saw on Wednesday was Francobollo, and man oh man did they set standards high for other bands I plan to see during this festival. Originally from Sweden but based out of London, the four guys of Francobollo played an energetic set that had people crowd surfing, the crowd moshing, and smiles passed around as the audience all jumped and danced to the fun tunes. Brought alive with vibrant contrasts, the guys switch from melodic and delicate moments, then they hit you with a wall of full volume guitars and pounding drums.

Francobollo Reeperbahn Festival

Their latest album, Long Live Life, is full of absolute bangers. Seeing Francobollo last night bring this album to life solidified how great of a band these guys are. They will be back in Germany in November playing shows in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne — so be sure to grab a ticket for their awesome live performance.

Day one was off to a good start, and Molotow has proven to be a place to be. They have a loaded lineup with impressive bands and artists all weekend, so I have a feeling I will be hanging here a lot. Today at Molotow, I will be seeing Yellow Days, SWMRS and The Regrettes. Check them out and head down to the venue if you like what you hear!

Francobollo German Tour
Thursday 9 NovemberBerlin @ Musik & Frieden
Friday 10 NovemberHamburg @ Molotow
Sunday 12 NovemberCologne @ Blue Shell

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