Harmonized yells, a wall of guitar noise, a patient and measured drumbeat, and witty lyrics perfectly describe Girlpool’s latest album, Powerplant. I’ve been a big fan of indie-rock’s favorite best friends for a couple years now, so it is amazing to hear the growth that has come out of their newest album. Girlpool is all about the power of two: Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad. Their sound is all about warm harmonies, silly lyrics and sounds that send emotions of old friendships throughout your veins

“The nihilist tells you
That nothing is true
I said ‘I faked global warming
Just to get close to you’ “
-It Gets More Blue, Girlpool

While their previous album is known for Cleo and Harmony’s excellent execution of the power of only guitar, bass and harmonies, Powerplant showcases their creativity and growth from Before The World Was Big. The girls added drums to their newest album, exploring new ways to structure their music. By broadening their style with more noise, Cleo explained in an interview with MTV that their softness has a bit of a contrast that adds power to the songs. In another interview with Billboard, the writer says that “it’s contrast between kinetic energy, raw isolation, jangling guitars and airy harmonies” brings Powerplant to life. This special contrast allows Cleo and Harmony to uphold that Girlpool vulnerability that listeners love from previous songs.

“We found there were opportunities to grab onto new ideas we couldn’t actually embody before, which is a level of vulnerability I guess. It’s announcing the thought by creating the thought, which is transparency. [Playing with a full band] opens up a vulnerability. I’m bringing a person into this work that has been ours, which is a very vulnerable space to share.” -Harmony Tividad, MTV interview

Still, my favorite thing about Girlpool are their raw and witty lyrics. This album features silly, poetic lines of the harsh reality about growing up and memorable details about life as they see it. Without meaning it, they make things relatable in a storytelling style that makes their songs familiar and easy to listen to.

“She’s like a shelf the way she looks at the wall
A stock market dance while the poetry falls.”
-Powerplant, Girlpool

Girlpool headline four shows in Germany this week, with support from Ian Sweet! Their intimate show is not one to miss, so be sure to grab tickets now!

Thursday 14 September – Artheater, Cologne Germany
Friday 15 September – Golem, Hamburg Germany
Saturday 16 September – Cantine am Berghain, Berlin Germany
Monday 18 September – Zoom Club, Frankfurt Germany

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