DIY Musician Hostel Part 2 – Dream Nails

I slowly sat up in bed as the hangover set in with the beating sun that came through my window. The smell of fresh coffee and a stuffy apartment filled my nostrils as a soft, British voice asked me, „Good morning! Do you want a cup of coffee?“ As the other girls slowly started to wake up, the sound of a soulful beat began to play and it happened to be one of my favorite Aretha Franklin songs. We spent the entire morning talking about music, getting ready for the day, shopping in a secondhand shop, trying to convince me to start a band, and giggling about random stories we shared.

“Everything we do is centered around women’s liberation and messages that reinforce that.”

– Janey (front woman of Dream Nails), Loud Women Interview

After their killer performance opening for Cherry Glazerr at Yuca, the DIY feminist punk witches, Dream Nails, stayed at my apartment for the night (I saved them from a creepy dude they were supposed to stay with). Their vibrant personalities, intelligent minds & souls, and passionate beliefs made their company absolutely delightful.

Driven with the right amount of anger, and sugar coated with the perfect amount of fabulous feminist punk, Dream Nails’ loud sounds and clever yet politically infused lyrics is exactly what you need this summer. Janey, front woman of Dream Nails, describes their music as “energetic riot grrl punk with creamy harmonies” (DAZED interview).

The four-piece band recently announced their re-release of the single “Deep Heat” on KROD Records, a French/German label. “Deep Heat” is a fun and witty song that sounds like something Kathleen Hanna would sing if she were in Bikini Kill in 2017.

Imagine Janey screaming to the sound of the deep bass, fast drum beats, and noisy guitar:

“Sriacha on his head. Sriacha on your balls. Sriacha in your eyes. Sriacha in your heart. Sriacha everywhere!”

Then the entire band slows it down for the ever so lovely, harmonized chorus:

“Nobody cares if your dick is on fire.”

I adore bands that intertwine their love for music/performing with their passionate beliefs. It’s hard enough for women in the music industry because of the inequality that is still present, so Dream Nails creates songs sticking up for these inequalities. Easy for anyone to relate, Dream Nails stand for many things: feminism, LBGTQ communities, DIY culture, anti-capitalism and just staying true to themselves.

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