DIY Musician Hostel Part 1- Aldous RH

I entered Bumann & Sohn on a warm, Sunday evening not knowing that my night was about to have an unexpected turn.

When I heard Homeshake was going to be playing in Cologne back in January or February, I was stoked. I was looking forward to seeing Piter and his gang ever since the new album came out. But what I unexpectedly got instead was a stunning performance by the opening band, Aldous RH.

I heard about Aldous RH because one of my Manchester friends heard his song, Sensuality, and sent it to me. I’ve been jamming to it on my playlist for a month or so now, so I was interested in seeing what his performance would be like. When I walked into the venue, Al’s angelic voice filled the entire room. It was as if a super human- with influences from Prince, Al Green & Stevie Wonder– was calling us to the front of the crowd. Not only was his voice a thing to remember, but his crew of friends that played in his band smashed it. Their tight, crisp mechanics and funky soul sound tied the set into a sensual yet psychedelic/alternative rock dance party that impressed the crowd.

One of my favorite things to do after gigs is getting to know the musicians— especially ones that unexpectedly impressed me, like Aldous RH did that night. I went up to Al after the gig, and we had a lovely conversation about influences of his music, Manchester, his time in Los Angeles, what music journalists could work on and about their tour with Homeshake. After chatting for a while to him and the rest of the band, I found out they were trying to figure out a place to crash that night— so naturally I offered mine since it was around the corner. I had a fab night and took them to the best kepabs in Cologne (Kepabland) and chilled in my living room for a bit. The next morning consisted of coffee, tasty waffle cookies from Netherlands and sleepy conversations about what they get up to in Manchester and other bits and bobs about themselves. After hosting the guys in my tiny apartment, I felt a connection to the sound they created on stage with the great personalities they each had. It is my dream to become a tour manager someday, so it was a unique view into the tour life when I hosted them.

Aldous RH recently just dropped a new single, Feelin Blue. It’s alternative yet surfy, psychedelic vibes make it the perfect tune as you are lying in that warm summer sun. If you are into soul and/or funk music, go give the rest of Aldous RH’s tunes a listen! His Soundcloud is full of gems that are a couple years old, yet still full of so much life and creativity. It was a pleasure getting to know the guys of Aldous RH and I am looking forward to seeing them live again next time they head back to Germany!

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