“I lost my virginity again last night.”
Short Memory, Jack Ladder (Hurtsville)

Jack Ladder walked up to the mic with his guitar and reeled the crowd in with his mysterious voice, warped country guitar, and icy synth pop beats. When he started singing, the playful beats complemented the tone in that strong voice of his, thus mesmerizing the audience into his poetic lyrics and passionate ballads. He was a humble artist that even played a requested song by a fan that was standing right in front of the stage singing to every lyric.

Australian artist, Jack Ladder, graced Cologne with his musical talents last week at Bumann and Sohn (thanks to Popanz), opening for another very talented Aussie artist, Alex Cameron. Ladder recently dropped a new sad disco tempo single, Susan, that has a subtle melodrama. This is the first new piece of music Ladder and his band, The Dreamlanders, have dropped since their last album, Playmates, in 2015. Playmates explores many modern sounds that remind me of EL VY or Arcade Fire combined with obvious 80s influences, like David Bowie or Talking Heads. The tender yet mysterious synth beats intertwine throughout the album, creating texture, ambient tracks, droning, and feedback that he wished to create in this album. Ladder’s other album, Hurtsville, explores a more 80s, bristling rock vibe that reminds me of Morrissey or Leonard Cohen. The lyrics in this album have a darker twist that coincide perfectly with the rock and alternative country sounds he creates.

Jack Ladder’s unique poeticism and sound is definitely one to watch out for as he plans to drop new music in the near future!

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