„I want real, honest, dirty, messy shit. ‚Cause I am just a pile of dirty, messy, honest shit.“-Clementine Creevy, Vice Autobiography

Craving for a real, raw and energized sound? Head down to Yuca tonight to catch Cherry Glazerr blow your mind with a fun, fabulous and high energy performance that you’ll be buzzing about for days. Apocalipstick is an album full of honesty found in their hilarious lyrics about „internal struggles of a 17-year-old-girl“ (Creevy, KEXP interview), catchy guitar riffs that you find your self singing to, dreamy synths by Sasami (aka „Synth Queen“) and loud and punky drums by Taber (aka an „animal on the drums“). The LA-based band are at the front of LA sound right now, and successfully defining what it means to have a fun time touring, playing their music and creating new things for the sake of doing it for themselves.

Be sure to catch one of LA’s finest and snatch a ticket for Cherry Glazerr’s show tonight at Yuca in Ehrenfeld, Cologne.

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