The grungy guitar riff of Sleepless instantly reels you in as it welcomes you to a sound that you have never heard before. Gardenback simultaneously comes in together with a loud bang that creates a track that will have you listening on repeat all weekend. Ellis James’ edgy vocals perfectly coincide with his melodic bass lines as he sings the anthemic chorus:

“I wish I was someone you could love.”

Ready to take on the world with their unique sounds, Gardenback come from Oldham, just outside of Manchester, United Kingdom. You can’t pin point an artist they exactly resemble because of their array of genres that they string together within each song. In some tracks, you can heavily hear the punk influences; then the guitar riff creatively changes, the bass lines transform into something bigger, and the drums go in another direction as the sound develops into grunge, psychedelic, indie, or even a playful 80s/90s Manchester influenced sound.

One of my favorite things about Gardenback is the B-Side to their latest single release, Call It a Phase. Completely switching directions, the B-Side turns into a wavy track with more psychedelic influences behind the catchy bass line. I love bands that have the guts to release a weird B-Side with their powerful single—it really shows what they are all about, and the risks they are willing to take as more people listen to their music. Gardenback do exactly this— they prove to their listeners the different talents and influences they intertwine through their sounds. Each member thrives in their own talents, and come together as a powerful three-piece band crafting a finely tuned, melancholic yet explosive machine.

People are already backing up the hype they are beginning to create—for example, Cabbage (another popular punk band coming out of Manchester) have openly expressed through Facebook their support for Gardenback. They are the next band to watch coming out of the Manchester area, and I am very certain they are on the path to bigger things this coming year. Go check out their latest single, Sleepless, and it’s fabulous B-Side, Call It a Phase- both are up on all listening platforms now!

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