Flooding my bloodstream with catchy beats, the music steered my self-control as my dancing body pushed her way through the sold-out room to the front of the crowd. Parcels create an undeniable atmosphere that was by far the best on-stage energy I’ve seen in the past year. The moment their sounds hit my ear drums, it was like a drug that could keep me up all night. Parcels produced an endless groove intertwined throughout the entire set that was infectious to everyone in the crowded club.

Parcels are something special in the music world right now— they have constructed their own sound and energy unlike many others. If someone asked me what they were like live, I would say ‘think modern Bee Gees combined with influences from the UK band, Jungle, but WAY more disco to keep the constant groove going.’ What impressed me the most were their harmonies. They used their voices and the harmonies they created like an instrument in almost every song. It wasn’t just two of the guys harmonizing—it was the entire band.
They had a synchronized team effort that really shined throughout their set. Each member had a unique talent that independently stood out, yet they came together to create a sound and atmosphere different than any band I’ve seen live.

Parcels have loads of dates coming up around Europe, and there is even word on an album being in the works. Don’t waste time! Go turn your speakers up and bump Parcel’s newest EP, Hideout, for funky grooves that will have you dancing from start to finish.

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