It’s hard to find that light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of us right now—whether it be post-traumatic stress from the recent elections and crumbling political system, shitty people still being shitty people, or the pay check to pay check lifestyle that drowns you every month.

The Paranoyds recently crawled their way into my music bubble, and have done the opposite of being “the light” to guide me through these strange times. They have graced my ears with post-punk/psychedelic/prog-rock/[whatever you want to call it] TUNES that brings the weird and punk energy I’ve been missing from my life. They’ve created a small outlet where I let their lively yet dark energy clear my mind of everything bad, and just let lose to their hypnotizing sounds. Staz, bassist and vocalist of The Paranoyds, says in a recent interview with i-d vice:

“Please don’t ever worry about coming to our shows in regards to your safety via identity. Our shows have always been and will continue to be a safe place regardless of the nightmare dictating our country. Us freaks gotta stick together!”


Their LA DIY edge, nostalgic melodies and unashamed weirdness is a refreshing punk sound that I cannot get enough of. They just dropped a new EP, Eat Their Own, that is hauntingly dark with impressive tempo changes, yet bewitches you into dancing or tapping your foot to the catchy psych choruses. Combine surfy guitar solos with the eerie bass lines and the mesmerizing drumming patterns with the horror synth sounds you would hear at Dracula’s next house party—mix it all together and you’ve got the solid sounds of The Paranoyds‘ newest EP, Eat Their Own.

Check out their other fabulous and pure punk jamz on their Bandcamp page. Be sure to check out interviews they’ve done this year with Noisey and i-D vice to learn more about the quartet that are well into the LA DIY punk scene.

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