Snow begins to fall from the sky as I lie back on my inviting bed and the beating sounds of The xx’s first track crawls into my ears, seeps into my bloodstream, and down to my moving hips.

The xx’s third album, I See You, dropped this morning and it sheds new lights upon the band’s creativity and unique talents. The opening track, Dangerous, got me out of my bed and dancing around my room right as the sounds started to blare from my speakers. The classic xx vibes surround the entire album, but you hear all three artists shine in each song.

Between the honest lyrics about Oliver overcoming a drinking problem…

“How could eyes this wide
Lose sight of a world outside?
I’ve looked away, cowardice
With every kiss from a friend
With everything I pretend not to feel
Am I too high? Am I too proud?
Is the music too loud… for me to hear?”
-Violent Noise (track 4)

Romy’s song dedicated to her deceased parents…

“So I will be brave for you
Stand on a stage for you
Do the things that I’m afraid to do
I know you want me to
I will be brace
I know you want me to”< -Brave For You (track 7)

…or Jamie’s prominent beats laced throughout each song…

It is a beautifully honest album that is focuses around their lives the past 4 years. I See You shows the growth they have all done since their first album, and the inspiring young adults that they have all become. The xx was the first band that I truly had a connection with growing up, and inspired me to get more into music—So it is absolutely incredible seeing how far they have all come and to listen to one of my favorite bands making an exciting comeback at the start of an amazing year for music.

To better understand the final product of their album, read the beautiful Pitchfork interview they had a couple weeks back. After reading their thoughts behind the album and the new sounds they have been creating, it might create a better connection as you listen to the album from start to finish.

Don’t forget to see an enchanting live performance by The xx in Dusseldörf on February 28 at Mitsubishi Electric Halle.

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