“Is it money I wanna make
Or is it sweet love
For his sake?”
-Motherland, Julia Jacklin

Raindrops from my balcony’s railing fell in unison with sounds of Julia Jacklin’s punchy guitar riffs and polished vocals. I switched on her debut album, Don’t Let The Kids Win, because it appeared on my “Discover” section on Spotify. I looked up from the journal entry I was writing and had to double check that I wasn’t listening to Angel Olsen. Jacklin created a hybrid sound of Angel Olsen and Mazzy Star, combined with the poetic vibes of Sharon Van Etten. The similarities are crazily close, in a great way. Jacklin brings new sounds to the indie music world— her folk influences hit your ear drums the hardest, yet her grunge sounds blanket over the album giving it a deeper connection to the listeners. Not only does she pour out her heart in every song, threading her truest emotions between each track, but she grasps the listeners’ hearts as well. Growing up is a challenge that many of us go through every day, and her poetic, ear-catchy tracks connect with an array of different people.

The Australian artist plays at Blue Shell in Cologne tonight, Tuesday October 25, opening for the wonderful band, Whitney. She continues on tour with them to Munich, and other parts of Europe.

“I’ve got a feeling
That this won’t ever change
We’re gonna keep on getting older
It’s gonna keep on feeling strange.”
-Don’t Let the Kids Win, Julia Jacklin

Watch her live session of Don’t Let the Kids Win, for 13th Floor Video below.

Also listen to her single, Pool Party, below.

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