Some of the best songs hide small drops that give you a sense of relief when you hear that perfect sound of the guitar strum for the first time, or a mesmerizing voice that reels you in. It’s like a first kiss— Someone grabs your face, you can feel the butterflies unconsciously build, and when it finally happens colors burst comfort, relief and warmth through your veins. Nilüfer Yanya’s moody, rooted vocals and delayed guitar sounds swirl you into her new spellbinding tune, Keep On Calling. When she drops into that first chorus, my stomach lightly sinks (similar to the feeling when you’re on a roller coaster, but a bit less dramatic) as her minimalist guitar strums ever so lovely to her hypnotizing vocals and subtle beats. Blending restrained guitar styles from Jeff Buckley, and finding traces of Nina Simone hidden in her songwriting, Yanya constructs a unique sound new to the music world.

Yanya’s edgy aesthetic and homemade videos adds to the unique sounds she already has shared. She is yet another artist that is uprising with pure sounds, style, and image of her complete self. She is one of the few artists I have taken a quick liking in because of her desire to stay honest within her music, whilst creating art she adores. Inspiring and only just debuting, Nilüfer Yanya is going to be an exciting artist from London that everyone should definitely keep an eye on.

Below, check out her new music video for Keep On Calling. Also check out her other music video, Small Crimes which recently released at the end of this summer.

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