“Now I know I’m not alone, got my girls I’m not alone.” By Your Side off of Warpaint’s new album, „Heads Up“, is the perfect anthem as autumn starts and transitions begin to take place in all of our lives.

Man oh man, the weird looks I’ve been getting this week. My headphones have been blaring Warpaint’s new album “Heads Up” whenever I get the chance, and I can’t help but dance a bit when listening. Whether it’s on my bike cruising down the streets of Ehrenfeld making little waves with my hands (which by the way, I’ve almost crashed a couple of times), or the intense air drumming sessions I’ve been having on the train (by myself). I can’t get enough, and I find something new every time I listen to the album.

The familiar Warpaint sounds still ring through your ears— Jenny’s hypnotizing bass lines, and the group’s harmonized voices keep you in a trance as the tracks go along. The girls experiment with more pop sounds that make you want to move your hips, or blast through your speakers a bit louder than usual. I am super hyped about this album— and if you don’t believe me, go and feed your ears some so groovy music and listen to the album from start to finish. Or even better, check them out at Live Music Hall here in Cologne on October 30!

Watch Warpaint perform the opening track to Heads Up, Whiteout, live at WFUV radio station below.

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