I close my eyes and lie back on the moist grass at Grungürtel park, letting the worn out blades of green tickle my warm skin as Angel Olsen’s voice strikes my ear drums like a match sparking a flame. Olsen reels you into MY WOMAN with her mesmerizing voice and deep, yet playful synth sounds in her opening track, Intern. She teases you in the first couple tunes, preparing you for a passionate album full of emotions, honesty, and beautiful melodies and chord progressions.

The album has a distinct side-A and side-B, beginning with playful, anthem-like rock melodies, then falling into whimsical folk and country roots. Toying with different emotions and different sounds, the album is not straight forward about it’s meaning— but the mystery hidden amongst the colors of these tracks is the beauty of the album. This is the first album in a while that I absolutely adore listening to through my headphones. Usually, I crave the live engagement with the music I discover, but with MY WOMAN I find a sense of protection and honesty behind the eclectic tracks Olsen has put together. I couldn’t be more excited to also connect with her live music at Stadtgarten here in Köln on October 28, 2016.

You can watch her recent live performance of Shut Up Kiss Me on The Late Show with Steven Colbert below:


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