It’s always refreshing finding a band that can be their complete, true selves behind the sounds they create. I feel like I personally know the brothers of The Lemon Twigs when I put my headphones in and the swooning sounds of Brian ’s guitar pump into my ear drums. Maybe it’s the familiarity of the The Beatles and The Beach Boys influence within their first two singles. They have a special talent of creating a comfortable space for the listeners to feel HOWEVER they want. I guess that feeling comes about with a lot of music, but with The Lemon Twigs I feel happy, wanting to dance, nostalgic, and sometimes sad all at the same time.

Michael and Brian , two brothers coming from Long Island, New York, have emerged from the indie scene with their 70s inspired tunes ready to surprise the world. Their debut album Do Hollywood will be dropping October 14th as they prepare for a case tour throughout America. They will thus grace Germany with their groovy tunes on September 23 at Reeperbahn Music Festival in Hamburg! After great reviews of their sold out show in London last month, The Lemon Twigs are not a band to miss. Whether you’re into having a boogie, or getting lost in the several layers of sounds, it will be hard for them to disappoint.

You can listen to two new songs – These Words & As Long As We’re Together – below:

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