Die US-Seite Yours Truly hat die großarigen Future Islands eine Weile begleitet und einen Kurzfilm veröffentlicht, in dem die Band um William Cashion ein paar persönliche Statements preisgibt. Sehr sehenswert! Hier das Statement zum Hintergrund des films:

Roughly three weeks ahead of their epic Letterman performance, we joined synth-pop heroes Future Islands as they traveled from NYC to Baltimore for a homecoming show at the Floristree, a decades-oid communal space with an unlisted address and legendary role in the city’s DIY scene. Conversation in the van spanned from UNC football to who would die first in a slasher flick, though much of the drive was punctuated by the vital quiet time of a band that’s played over 800 live shows to date. It’s impossible not to be touched by frontman Samuel T. Herring’s gut-wrenching live theatrics—equally astonishing was the palpable enthusiasm of their eclectic hometown fanbase. In celebration of their excellent fourth LP, ‚Singles‘, we’re honored to present this glimpse into the lives of one of the hardest working and most dynamic bands in contemporary music. Here’s Future Islands: Time For The Show.

– Frances Capell, Yours Truly

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